Company name through integration



We are integrating with Hubspot and we have a problem with the company data that Segment sends to Hubspot. According to Segment the company trait should be an object like the following:

“company” : {
“id” : “1312123123”,
“createdAt” : “2017-08…etc”,
“name” : “The company name”

But Hubspot apparently expect just the company name and not an object. Is there any other way of integrating correctly the company name? I cannot modify the object because it’s what other integrations need (like Intercom).



Hi @jschwindt,

Can you give me some more details on the request(s) being made to HubSpot? Are you using the create a company endpoint? Or are you referring to the Company name contact property?



It’s the Company name that it’s being showed as an object, because we are
sending an object to segment. My doubt is if it’s possible to send a
different field or a special field specific to Hubspot to solve that
problem. This is what we get right now:



Hi @jschwindt,

It’s not currently possible to create a company record or populate the Company Name property by passing that object to HubSpot as-is. The Company Name property will always expect only a value; if this information is coming from Segment, you’ll want to contact Segment to see if it’s possible to alter the information being sent to HubSpot specifically/.