Company original source not populated



I'm using the Companies API endpoint to create new Company entities to HubSpot CRM via an application that I've created and that is used for the OAuth authentication. However, the original source of these newly created companies is left blank. Only when I later associate a Contact object with the Company (also through the API) the Company's sources get filled correctly as 'hs_analytics_source' = 'OFFLINE', 'hs_analytics_source_data_1' = 'INTEGRATION' and 'hs_analytics_source_data_2' = [App ID].

Is this intended behavior? Why don't Company objects get sourced on creation?

Thank you for your answers!


Any comments on this one?

Our integration focuses more on Company objects so this is a little confusing as why isn't the source not populated before connecting a contact to it? This also leads to wrongly sourced Companies, as the original source was the integration but now it just inherits the information from contact created with (possibly) another source.


@mm_k Yes that is intended behavior. Here is the description/definition of that property.

Original source for the contact with the earliest activity for this company or organization