Company properties filters for List API



I would like to be able to create a list via the API based on some company filter :

Endpoint :

"name": "Test",
"dynamic": true,
"portalId": xxxxx,
"operator": "EQ",
"value": "some_value",
"property": "some_company_property",
"type": "string"

When is this feature going to be available ?

Thank you in advance,



Hi @Black_Pearl,

It's not officially documented, but you should be able to add a company property filter by including the propertyObjectType field, like this:

  "type" : "string",
  "propertyObjectType" : "COMPANY",
  "operator" : "EQ",
  "property" : "name",
  "value" : "HubSpot"


Thanks a lot, works fine, both for creating and updating a list :slight_smile: