Company Property being set to type "unknown"


I am making a PUT request to /properties/v1/companies/properties/named/test with the body of

      "label": "Test",
      "groupName": "companyinformation",
      "type": "enumeration",
      "options": [
           { "label": "test", "value": "test" }

The values update correctly, but the “Field type” gets set to “unknown”, which breaks all requests that come in afterwards to update this property. Is there something else with type: “enumeration” that you need to pass in to have it set correctly? We are wanting this field to be of type “Multiple checkboxes”.


Here’s what the UI shows in Hubspot when viewing that property after I make the PUT request.


This has been solved. The documentation isn’t very clear that you need to also pass in “fieldType”: “checkbox”.