Compay PUT is returning 200 status code but not content and not updating



My PUT requests to /companies/v2/companies/[companyId] don’t return any content and neither are updates made. I don’t have much more to go on due to no error being returned.

{“properties”: [{“property”: “address”, “value”: “*** ******* Street”}, {“property”: “currency”, “value”: “$”}, {“property”: “payment_terms”, “value”: “Credit Card”}, {“property”: “city”, “value”: “Newton”}, {“property”: “zip”, “value”: “02464”}, {“property”: “sub_channel”, “value”: “SpecJuve”}, {“property”: “state”, “value”: “MA”}, {“property”: “type”, “value”: “Company”}, {“property”: “channel”, “value”: “Specialty”}, {“property”: “website”, “value”: “"}, {“property”: “card_code”, “value”: ""}, {“property”: “sales_rep”, “value”: “Sue Callahan”}, {“property”: “price_list”, “value”: “Catalog”}, {“property”: “phone”, “value”: "617--**”}, {“property”: “name”, “value”: “Baby Koo”}, {“property”: “country”, “value”: “US”}]}

Any direction in how to debug this would be appreciated. I am able to update and create contacts.


I am having the same problem creating blog posts, with a script that was previously working!


Hi @Scott_Pierce

What status code are you getting for the response? Are you including the content-type: application/json in your requests?


That was it. Thanks. I’m pretty sure I don’t explicitly set it for