Connect hubspot and Gsuite app with G Control Security


Helllo App.
I want to intigrate my GSuite with Hubspot.
It is very easy to connect but i am having a security level of GControl app between Gsuit and Hubspot connection thatswhy we are not able to connect it.
Can any one help me in this case…?



@pdeshbhartar I’m not sure I fully understand what you are trying to do. What part of HubSpot are you trying to connect? What is your error?


@pmanca I want to connect my g mail inbox with hubspot.
But there is some OAuth authentication problem with that.
Can you tell me which OAuth URL we are using…?

My G Control Team has asked about that url so that they can develop it.




Here is the error detail which i got from hubspot support only.

“text”: "{“status”:“MISSING_OAUTH”,“message”:“No oauth info for email account, need to oauth before enabling”

Please look in to this.



@pdeshbhartar Do you have a paid Sales Pro seat? The GMail integration is for the Sales Pro tools.


We have paid sales pro tools for another account where we want to integrate Gmail (G suite Apps).


@pdeshbhartar Here are a couple resources to help you connect your inbox then to a Sales Pro account.


But there is a problem with OAUTH 2.0 issue in that.
we have tried with above all methods.
Even we have asked google and hubspot both but i think there is a problem with authentication only.



@pdeshbhartar If you are having issues with this on a sales Pro account I would contact support as maybe their is a product issue.


We have already opened a ticket for the same.
They asked to generate query over here so that any developer can help us to generate auth2.0 .

this is my hubId “2822344”


@pdeshbhartar you shouldn’t have to generate an OAuth 2.0 The product should do that for you.


My G mail team has said that they are supporting g auth 2.0 but they want to ask you about API.
they want know that which API is hubspot usign to connect gmail…?


@pdeshbhartar We are using Google’s OAuth flow. This isn’t HubSpot’s OAuth.


Let me share log file with you.

“com.cloudcodes.gcontrol.featurebase.admin.FeatureUtils checkFeatureActiveOrNot: Feature name : domainwhitelisting applyFlag : true (
com.cloudcodes.gcontrol.featurebase.admin.FeatureUtils checkFeatureActiveOrNot: Feature name : gmailblock applyFlag : true (
com.cloudcodes.gcontrol.featurebase.admin.FeatureUtils checkFeatureActiveOrNot: Feature name : sessiontimeout applyFlag : true (
com.cloudcodes.gcontrol.featurebase.admin.FeatureUtils checkFeatureActiveOrNot: Feature name : irm applyFlag : true (
com.cloudcodes.gcontrol.featurebase.admin.FeatureUtils checkFeatureActiveOrNot: Feature name : thirdpartyappblock applyFlag : true (
com.cloudcodes.gcontrol.login.user.SSOManagerServlet generateResponse: Admin is not set ExtensionBasedPolicy for this domain"OurDomainName” (
com.cloudcodes.gcontrol.businessaccesslayer.GLoginManager findCurrentStage: Default Time Zone : sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo[id=“UTC”,offset=0,dstSavings=0,useDaylight=false,transitions=0,lastRule=null] (
com.cloudcodes.gcontrol.businessaccesslayer.GLoginManager findCurrentStage: Currect date in UTC : Thu Apr 20 11:01:22 UTC 2017 (
com.cloudcodes.gcontrol.businessaccesslayer.GLoginManager findCurrentStage: Converted date in IST : 2017-04-20 11:01:22 (
com.cloudcodes.gcontrol.businessaccesslayer.GLoginManager updateActiveUsersCount: User login report stored : true ("

This logs were given by google and said that they are not blocking anywhere.



@pdeshbhartar Can you send me the screen shot of the error you are getting when you try and integrate to GMail? It should just bring you to the google sign in page.


Two screenshots are attached with this.
One for the confirmation for successfully integration of hubspot and Gmail.
Another one is error in integration of gmail.



@pdeshbhartar Have you tried contacting support over this? This might be a product bug? I’m not aware of any at the time but support would have a better idea of that.


Thanks For your help.
I will contact support for further information on this.