Connect Mobile Device Interactions with HubSpot



We have a mobile app called TommyRun. It’s available on the app store and google play. I’d like to have HubSpot updated when someone downloads our app. How can I do this?

For instance, I’d like to have a contact property called “Downloaded App” with a “Yes” or “No” field. Once someone downloads the app, the “Downloaded App” field in HubSpot gets updated to “Yes” and the device type also gets updated to a contact record. I assume there has to be a contact record in Hubspot already…so if there’s not…I’d imagine contact information needs to be sent to HunSpot as well to establish a contact record. Help!!!


@Joshua_Sutherland You can’t adjust the play store or the app store for when there is a download to update HubSpot. Maybe there is a way you can have it set up to notify one of your servers then you could relay it but i’m not positive on how Google or Apple handles that. You could send info back to one of your servers whenever someone logs in or turns on the app. Then from your server you could relay it to HubSpot to update a contact property to do as you mentioned above.



How does any mobile app connect to a CRM then? Isn’t downloading a app the
beginning of the sales cycle?


@Joshua_Sutherland I don’t disagree that it is the beginning of the sales cycle. That being said, I or you can’t edit the Play Store or the Apple store to tell it to send a web request to HubSpot. That will have to be done in app where you can control what happens.


@Joshua_Sutherland great question. I was building a mobile app for a client that was on HubSpot as well. Our goal was to create contacts in HubSpot from our mobile app users. Our idea turned into a full fledged product called puts app user data right in your HubSpot CRM, allowing them to see app activity associated with that user. You can even trigger workflows based on their activity.