Connecting Hubspot Portal to private developer app


Hello! Please forgive me if this is a basic question, but could you point me in the right direction on how to authorize my Hubspot portal with my privately developed app so that I can use the API webhooks? I've got a developer account with an active website, and I've got a portal, but I'm missing the step for how to connect the two. I don't think I need oAuth, because it's not a public app.

Thinking maybe I need somehow do a one-time auto process.

Also, I have like 10 users on my portal, so I need the actions they take specified by the webhook configuration to trigger the webhook too, not just my actions.

Specifically, the webhook listens for a deleted contact.

Thank for the help! Tom


Hi @Tom_Copeland1,

No worries, happy to clarify.

The Webhooks API actually does require your app to be installed via the OAuth flow, but you can choose to keep your app Private, per this documentation.

Once your app is installed in your production portal, the Webhooks API will listen for all actions you have specified, whether they were made by your user or others in the portal.