Connecting Hubspot to Power BI


Hi all,

So I’m making a Marketing Dashboard for the company I work for in Microsoft Power BI.
Ultimately I want to visualize data from all our sources, and HubSpot is one of them.

I’m currently having trouble to connect HubSpot to Power BI, the thing is; I think I need an HubSpot ODATA url to put in Power BI, but I can’t find anywhere how to do it. I’ve tried tools from cdata, but I don’t understand how those work and they can’t seem to do the trick.

Any help on how to do this is much appreciated!

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi @Thijsvdl

I’m not personally very familiar with Microsoft Power BI, but taking a quick look through their documentation, it doesn’t look like they natively connect with HubSpot right now. There is an idea for adding HubSpot as a data source that you could vote on here:

Alternatively, it looks like you’d be able to use the Power BI REST API to insert data from HubSpot, so it would be possible to build a service that could collect data from HubSpot’s APIs and then push that data into Power BI using their APIs.


how’s the API on the hubsput side to pull the data into PowerBI?


Found it - sorry :slight_smile:


Bringing this back to the top? Does anyone have a solution to connect Hubspot to Power BI?


@dadams Am I correct in saying that HubSpot does not have a ODATA feed?


For around $100 a month you can one-click (one-way) replicate Hubspot data into a cloud or on-premise db of your choosing.
This is perfect for reporting use, and highly recommended for data integrations.


HubSpot data can be auto-exported to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business using Flatly. PowerBI natively reads from OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

Disclaimer: I work at Flatly.


My firm, Bayard Bradford, is a HubSpot agency partner. We recently built a PowerBI connector for HubSpot and it is now in beta with several clients. Glad to provide details.


Did you ever solve this problem? If not, we offer a HubSpot to Power BI connector service that is listed on the HubSpot integrations directory here.


Hi All - Great thread here. I wanted to also let you know Bedrock Data has a product (Fusion) that allows you to automatically feed your HubSpot data into an on-demand data warehouse, that can serve as an automated data source for Microsoft Power BI.

We have a free trial account you can set up here: Once you authenticate HubSpot to feed in your HubSpot tables, just follow these steps to connect to Power BI: