Connecting Notification Settings from webapp to hubspot


I’m looking to allow a user to unsubscribe from a mailing list and then be able to resubscribe through their login toa webapp on the app’s notification panel at a later date. Can I implement this setup through hubspot?

EDIT: not looking for specific implementation details but if you could point me to the api endpoint and parameter to trigger a resubscribe that would be great.


Hi @Tidyl

You could use custom properties for this. There isn’t a way to opt a contact back into email if they’ve opted out, but you could use custom properties and inclusions lists for the emails you’re sending, and those custom properties could be managed through the API.

There are some other details in this previous post:


is there a way to retrieve a customer’s email preferences link for them?


We don’t have a way to get that link, the customer would need to get the link from a previous email.


If I do the other option you suggested, how can I go about changing the standard footer so we can change the way the footer unsubscribes work?