Connecting to FTP API with PhpStorm



When I try to connect to the in FileZilla, I have no problem connecting.
But I would like to connect to it with my Developers application PhpStorm.
When I give in the same details and credentials I am getting the message:
Could not login to FTP server on “” as user “…@…com”

I used my email as username as listed on the page how to connect to the FTP:

Screenshot of error included.


Did you solve this problem? I have the same issue


I have the same.
This conversation seems to be related.


Bump. Just stumbled onto same issue, all clients connection to Hubspot FTP work fine except for the phpStorm. Is there any solutions to this?


I have the same problem here.
FTP connection works with all my FTP tools execpt in Webstorm (version 2017.3)