Contact Conversion Webhooks not firing


I’ve set up several webhook subscriptions for contact property changes (recent_conversion_date, num_conversion_events, recent_conversion_event_name), but none of them are firing when these properties are changed.

I tested with other contact fields (such as firstname), and they work, but I cannot get the conversion webhooks to fire.

Can someone please help me identify why?


I’m having the same problem. Has this problem been resolved?


Hi all,

It’s not possible to subscribe to changes to those conversion events because those are calculated properties. Calculated properties are unique in that they’re calculated at the time they’re updated. These properties are treated differently on the back end and aren’t available for property update webhook subscription. The full list of calculated properties is:


  • days_to_close
  • recent_conversion_event_name
  • recent_conversion_date
  • first_conversion_event_name
  • first_conversion_date
  • num_unique_conversion_events
  • num_conversion_events


  • num_associated_contacts

I’ll work on updating the webhooks documentation with a list of these properties to make this distinction more clear.