Contact Created Successfully but not able to see in Dashboard of my account




I have just created 3 contact using create contact method of API. I got response okay and when i am using get all contact method i can see 3 created contact with detail. but when i am login to my developer account then on dashboard i am only seeing 0 contact. Here i am posting sample request and response data.

{“properties”:[{“property”:“email”,“value”:“”},{“property”:“firstname”,“value”:“nisha”},{“property”:“lastname”,“value”:“shah”},{“property”:“company”,“value”:“FMT Solutions”}]}

{“vid”:101,“canonical-vid”:101,“merged-vids”:[],“portal-id”:2886316,“is-contact”:true,“profile-token”:“AO_T-mPEtveQZYgLCpwHwrUhxJzhmsW6akKPG5OTeZfzDODm7dCLzohdu4W-iHTMT5VwRmC7VV_lODEfCCTnrqXnV30IMo8UVVfaogv7_OVmiRzlIALjwbUNAN37roFVhNRqdHgcfP3X”,“profile-url”:“",“properties”:{“firstname”:{“value”:“nisha”,“versions”:[{“value”:“nisha”,“source-type”:“API”,“source-id”:null,“source-label”:null,“timestamp”:1486578293738,“selected”:false}]},“createdate”:{“value”:“1486578293741”,“versions”:[{“value”:“1486578293741”,“source-type”:“API”,“source-id”:“Contacts”,“source-label”:null,“timestamp”:1486578293741,“selected”:false}]},“company”:{“value”:"FMT Solutions”,“versions”:[{“value”:“FMT Solutions”,“source-type”:“API”,“source-id”:null,“source-label”:null,“timestamp”:1486578293738,“selected”:false}]},“email”:{“value”:“”,“versions”:[{“value”:“”,“source-type”:“API”,“source-id”:null,“source-label”:null,“timestamp”:1486578293738,“selected”:false}]},“lastname”:{“value”:“shah”,“versions”:[{“value”:“shah”,“source-type”:“API”,“source-id”:null,“source-label”:null,“timestamp”:1486578293738,“selected”:false}]}},“form-submissions”:[],“list-memberships”:[],“identity-profiles”:[{“vid”:101,“is-deleted”:false,“is-contact”:false,“pointer-vid”:0,“previous-vid”:0,“linked-vids”:[],“saved-at-timestamp”:0,“deleted-changed-timestamp”:0,“identities”:[{“type”:“EMAIL”,“value”:“”,“timestamp”:1486578293741,“source”:“UNSPECIFIED”},{“type”:“LEAD_GUID”,“value”:“969122d3-9b33-4529-9d25-fde8387b05b6”,“timestamp”:1486578293758,“source”:“UNSPECIFIED”}]}],“merge-audits”:[]}

Let me know what’s wrong and why i am not able to see on my dashboard. I have to show integration to my manager today so please any help will be appreciated.


@nishashah A developer account doesn’t hold contacts. You can make them on a test portal or on your actual portal.


I am using same credential for my 30 day trial account for marketing. But i can not see option to make app for that account. so sorry but can you explain me which account i should create and where i should create application? currently we just want to try and want to see how it works then we will buy. I simply want if i create contact from my API i should be able to see on dashboard as new contact.

Thanks in advance.


@nishashah You need to make an app on a developers account and then you install it to a normal hubspot portal. If you are just trying to see contacts that are made you do not need a developers account at all. You should be able to just get the hapikey from your trial account to make the call. If you were to hit the recently created contacts endpoint do you see them?


sorry but in my 30 day trial account can you please guide me how i can get hapikey? i haven’t seen any option to get key.


@nishashah here is a link to our knowledge base on it.


thanks… I just generated key and created 1 contact. I can see in contact performance section in dashboard… Thank you very much.


@nishashah no problem! i’m glad you got it working