Contact creation and page tracking using javascript stopped working




We are using javascript _hsq.push to record events, which was working fine. But it then suddenly stopped working and no more contacts are created in hubspot, the hubspot account is not blocked.
I can see 200 ok when our application requests hubspot-id.js file.

This is the series of event that occur.

  1. On signup we send event as
    _hsq.push([‘identify’, {
    firstname: properties.firstname,
    lastname: properties.lastname,
    trialExpiryDate: properties.trialExpiryDate
  2. We set the username
    _hsq.push([‘identify’, {email: userId}]);
  3. Track some pages
    _hsq.push([‘trackEvent’, {id: ‘Home page viewed’, value: properties.value}]);
  4. On logout
    ._hsq.push([‘trackEvent’, {id: ‘Logout’, value: properties.value}]);

This was working fine, but it stopped working. None of the tracking is working now.

Below are the url which I see in developer mode (Removed hubspot id with XXXXXXX, also removed https for Request 3,4,5 as it was allowing me more than 2 links):

We are setting Trail Expiry date, which we have created as a property in Hubspot.

Request 1 :|+Login&cts=1481759249351&vi=3b4109c815285f02d8784bcc3a602fde&nc=false&u=181257784.3b4109c815285f02d8784bcc3a602fde.1481758969379.1481758969379.1481758969379.1&b=181257784.2.1481758969380

Request 2:|+Sign+up&cts=1481759281215&

Request 3: ://±+Health+Check&value=undefined&k=3&n=View±+Health+Check&m=&sd=1920x1080&cd=24-bit&cs=UTF-8&ln=en-gb&bfp=3491456001&v=1.1&a=XXXXXXX&t=Product+%7C+Health+Check&cts=1481759281293&

Request 4: ://

Request 5: ://

But when I login to my Marketing view and list my contact details it not working.
Even I tried to track page of existing users present in Hubspot, its not recording the page event.