Contact deduplication question




I’m hoping to get some clarification regarding this point on HubSpot’s deduplication docs:

The second form submission will overwrite the information on the first submission because they have the same usertoken (cookie) stored in their browser. (This will happen only if the second form submission email doesn’t already exist in HubSpot - if the second form submission email address DOES already exist as a contact in HubSpot, that matching record will be updated with the new values from the form. However, the analytics data from the second form submission will attach to the first form submission’s contact record.)

In the scenario where the email in the 2nd form submission DOES exist as a contact, will the usertoken by updated to point to the 2nd contact or will the usertoken remain associated with the first contact? More simply, can the contact associated with a usertoken ever change?



Hi @ehynds

In those cases, the usertoken will stay associated with the first contact it was originally associated with. It will not move the association.