Contact email address are grouping when submit data using forms api


We have utilized customized forms to capture user data from our site to Hubspot.
User details: First name, Last name, Email address etc.

Following issues were faced on submission of user details to hubspot,

  1. All the new user details were overwritten on the existing user details.
  2. Existing Email address field appends with the new user's email address.

We suspect these issues are happening when we pass "hs_context" value
Refer screenshot

We have developed the logic using the below reference in C#

Please let us know the possible solution for creating separate contacts for each user request from our site.


Welcome, @Ks_Moorthi.

This behavior generally only occurs when the same HubSpot UTK (hutk) cookie token value is passed with each form submission. Since email addresses are deduplicating properties in HubSpot, a form submission with a different email should only update the same contact record if the same cookie is passed.

Can you ensure that the hutk field is not being cached on each submission? If not, please share a link to that contact record.