Contact list columns show incorrect data


This is a strange one. We have a client list view and I am displaying some basic columns. However, in the UI the data does not correspond to the column. For example, under Average Pageviews I see IP address data. However, if I export the data the CSV has the data in the correct columns. Is this a UI bug?

See screenshot below. Top is from Hubspot UI. Bottom is from downloaded CSV of same Contact List. (both showing the same record)


The data appears to be associated with the correct columns in the contact show view for all properties. But the table view for the contact list seems to be incorrect.


Even more confusing, if I limit the columns in the table view to first name, last name, email, and ip address the ip address column is now populated with the correct data.


@bcardarella That might be an issue with our UI. If you don’t mind our support team would be best to confirm that and file a ticket. You can take a screen shot in your app and submit a ticket.