Contact List Metrics (via /analytics/* API endpoints)


Hello, is it possible to fetch contact list sizes for given dates with the /analytics endpoints? The :object_type endpoint ( doesn't provide support for "contact-lists".


Welcome, @tstepp.

No, it's not possible to retrieve historical contact list sizes via an API at this time. This data is currently only available in a list's Performance tab.

The closest thing I know of in the API is the lastSizeChangeAt field returned by the Contact Lists API.


Thanks @Isaac_Takushi! How do services like pull contact list sizes over time without pulling all contact records?


Hey, @tstepp.

Apologies for the delayed response. I appreciate your patience while I was out of office for the holiday.

It's possible to retrieve list size information without pulling the contact records themselves. As I mentioned earlier, this endpoint returns a lastSizeChangeAt timestamp. I imagine Databox is polling this endpoint to keep track of list size changes.