Contact list (via API) doesn't updates after contact modification



I had an issue, very similar to

My issue is:
1.Get list of all contacts with associated companies.

2.Remove some contacts from companies:
DELETE method:

3.Do step 1 to get updated list

Expected result:
Getting contact list without assotiated companies from strep 2

actual result:
Contacts in contact list still assotiated with companies from step 2

Note: in UI contacts really detached from companies, but in API i’m still get connected version


Hi @Anton_Nemchenkov,

Can you send me a link to the list you’re referring to, and an example contact that appears disassociated in the UI but not via the API?


This is was my mistake.
When i received list of contacts, i, got “Company” field from contact record to get associated company id.
But “Company” field - just single line text field of contact (it was filled durind contact import via API), so every time received the same.
The correct field to get company contact attached is “associatedcompanyid”, but is not described clearly in API doc.
So this topic can be closed.