Contact Numbers Inconsistent with Event Completions



We are using the HubSpot API setup through HTTP to fire events for one of our products.
The event is fired every time one of our customers reaches and receives a pop-up on one of our logged-in pages.

This event is set up on a product that is only applicable to our customer base; as such, only contacts that we have already acquired emails from should be able to fire this event. The event also only fires once for any individual contact.

As such, the event has fired roughly 32k times and that is reflected in the Events Report. However, when I pull a list of Contacts that have completed this event it is about 75% off showing only about ~8000. Accordingly, based on the aforementioned the event should be a 1-to-1 ratio for the amount of completion and events fired.

Would it be possible to get some insight on why this is occurring, and possible ways to rectify the problem?


Hi @TuneCore-Marketing

When the HTTP event is firing, is it always including the email address of the visitor? If you’re looking at the list of 8k records in HubSpot that do show the event, are there any records that aren’t in the list that you’d expect to be? Are those missing records also contacts in HubSpot or are the records missing completely on the HubSpot side?



I am not sure if the event is always including the email address, although based on conversations with our tech team it should be. Yes, the other 24K records are contacts that would be expected to be on the lists as virtually all of those already exist in HubSpot


Additionally, it has been confirmed that our tech team is always passing the email address of the visitor.


I’ll need some additional details, I’ll message you directly.


We are experiencing a very similar situation. Hubspot shows 883 event completions in January but our website shows 1341 event completions. We reviewed our code to ensure we are firing the event every time and have a log of all the database records this event is tracking.

We need help tracking down where the 458 remaining records were lost.


@GRIP_Ames are you specifically looking at event completions, or contacts that should have completed the event? Are you using the JavaScript or HTTP API to trigger those events?


We are specifically looking at event completions. If the event completion is performed by an existing contact will it not report it? We are tracking completions of designs being created and saved within an interactive designer. Individuals can create and save as many designs as they would like and we fire the Javascript API every time a design is saved. Here are the parameters we are sending with every save:



I’ll need some more information for this, I’ll reach out directly.