Contact page blocked by login


We have an internal leads application that tracks all of our contacts. In this application we have a link to the clients information on hubspot with a link similar to this:

It was always possible to click on the link and view the contacts information within Hubspot without logging in. Now when we click on the same link we are taken to the login page for our hubspot account. The content is now blocked behind the login page.

Did something change for the login?

We don't want all of our employees to have to login each time to view one of the contacts information.

Does anyone have any ideas what happened?

Thanks for the help in advance.


Hi, @Matrox.

I'm sorry that this is news to you, but the public contact record was fully sunset on January 23, 2019.

We first announced this change here in October, 2018 and delayed the change again in November.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Please review the blog posts above for more detail on the change.

Going forward, I recommend subscribing to the API changelog so that you are notified of all major API additions and changes.