Contact properties being overwritten rather than creating new contact - help please



Non-developer description of issue:

We've created a dedicated form so that a lead provider can send leads directly into Hubspot rather than the previous process of simply emailing and then having to manually input.

However, each new lead simply overwrites the previous one rather than creating a new record.

I've set the form to ignore cookies but the problem persists. I'm assuming because all leads come directly from their CRM to ours that it's bypassing any cookie controls.

I've had further information from the lead provider advising that this is a web-to-lead process, not using the API.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


Hi @Ian_Bryce,

Can you give me any more information on the process they're using to submit the leads? If they're sending data from their platform into HubSpot, they must be using some API (likely the forms API). Without more information on what exactly they're doing, it's difficult to say what might be going on, though your hunch regarding the cookie deduplication seems likely.

Is the form you created a HubSpot form that's embedded somewhere? Is it a custom HTML form that's submitting to the forms API?


Hi Derek,

Thank you for responding. Our lead provider has found the fault on their side and resolved it this morning so we're all good.