Contact properties created through API but not visible in UI



I’m trying to somehow clone a CRM into another account. To avoid having to manually recreate all contact properties, I first fetched all properties from the old account and then pushed them into the new CRM. I got a big bunch of 500s, but when I perform a get of all properties for the new account, they’re all there.

Problem is, if I know go to contacts and select a property, only the default ones appear.


@l_abroadwith if you’re seeing the properties with the API but not in the UI, the most likely cause is that the groupName values for the properties don’t line up with the property groups that exist on the new portal. If you’re using custom property groups, you’ll need to copy those as well, since the UI displays contacts by group.

Also, did you happen to log the details for those 500 errors? We usually include more details in the body of the response, and I wouldn’t expect the properties to have been created if you received an error response like that.