Contact property data type boolean



For the API end point for creating a custom contact property, located here, is there a way to set the data type to be a boolean? Currently it seems an enumeration would have to be used, could a boolean type be added?


@EdcoPeter A property type cannot be added. Another possibility would be to use a Radio Button type that only has two options “True” and “False” This would maintain better consistency of a value only being either or


I have a similar issue.
I am now implementing the GDPR field in your system on our forms.
The type of the field ,by default, is a checkbox that gets TRUE/FALSE (boolean value).
I am sending the fields values through the API as an object. I see the object passing form my side through a pnp page on the Chrome in Devtools XHR tab. but the data doesn't pass to the hubspot database. all the other fields are passing. they are strings not boolean. only the checkbox boolean value doesn't pass.
What is the correct way to pass the boolean value to the hubspot database?


@ilan.berko Can you please share with us an example of your call and the response from HubSpot?