Contact property not updating even with success response


We’ve created a contact property which we’re trying to update via the Contacts API (specifically, the update a contact by email API). We’re getting a 204 response from the API but the property never updates: for example, I ran several tests yesterday afternoon but the property hasn’t changed.

FYI, the property is named unreadMessageCount.

Any idea what we might be doing wrong? Let me know if you need additional information.



@IanMarriott Which endpoint are you using in the Contacts API?



The endpoint from the documentation – e.g., the one in the example (only with our hapikey and email addresses).

Is this the correct endpoint?


@IanMarriott Yes that’s correct, Can you email me your portal ID? I’d like to take a look at your portal and see if I can recreate the issue. Also in here can you post the call you are making? perhaps there is an issue with your JSON block.



Actually… It turns out our test data was bad: the email address of the username I’ve been using was incorrectly set to that of another username. Once I noticed this, I was able to see that the API calls are working as expected.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for the help,



No worries, I’m glad you got it figured out. Thanks for letting me know.