Contact Record change notification


Is there a way to receive an auto email if a contact record has been updated or changed by a user? Our client has an issue of records getting overwritten and needs to manually keep the record accurate. This is becoming a significant problem.


@regan You can set up a webhook to watch and report on a property change on a contact. Here is our documentation below on how to set that up.

You can also create a dev account and go through the GUI to set it up as well.


Great, thank you. Can you clarify the comment about creating a dev account?



click on create a developer account and fill out the form to get started.


Great. So we have created the webhook as instructed in the link you sent, which was super helpful. However, we received word from our client that they are receiving too many notifications. They only want to get email updates for existing records that change name fields. We reviewed the documentation, but don’t see a clear resolution here. Any thoughts on how to do this?


how is your business logic currently set up? When a web-hook get’s fired it hits your server and you process it and send out an email to your client?



Yes and its working perfectly. However, we don’t want it triggered when new contacts are created or deleted, only when updated.


During your processing can you check the created date to see if it is within an hour or so? that would eliminate the created ones and for the deleted ones I would check the isActive property to see if it is true or false.