Contact sync questions



We try to implement a contact sync in our solution.
We have some questions :

  • Webhook return creation/deletion/alteration contact but how to know if a particular user connected to the app has the right to see these contacts ?

  • the get all contacts endpoint returns all contacts, its ok. But it returns even those who should not be returning (always in relation to the configuration of the user). Is it normal ?

  • Is there a way to recover a user’s configuration ? the language of the interface, which contacts are visible.

Thanks for your responses and your help,
Ringover Group


Hi @SaphirAngel,

  1. The webhooks API will send messages for all relevant contact creations/deletions/modifications, regardless of user settings. Webhook subscriptions are portal wide, and don’t include ownership/visibility data
  2. The contacts API (specifically, the ‘Get all contacts’ endpoint) also returns all contacts in a portal, regardless of user ownership or user settings.
  3. It’s not currently possible to pull a user’s visibility settings via the API.

Can you give me some more information on your use case here? It’s not currently possible to pull user settings from HubSpot, so your users will need to manage visibility settings in your app seperately.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Thanks for this response.

We try to integrate our telephony solution, Ringover, with hubspot for our clients.
In a Ringover team, each user has a account with global contacts to the team and his own contacts.
If a user connect Ringover with Hubspot and activate the “contact sync” functionnality :

  • we would have liked that only the contacts that can see the user in hubspot be pull
  • if the hubspot admin update visibility settings for one user, we would like to know.

Contacts are used for :

  • match incoming call with a firstname/lastname/Customer card
  • match current call with a firstname/lastname/Customer card
  • create good call log
  • find contact to call directly since Ringover

Another feature :
Ringover creates engagement for each call. Without the configuration of the user’s language, it’s complicated to create a good body.

For now, we will get all the contacts of a portal for all users but it’s problematic that we can’t apply the rules of the portal administrator.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:
Ringover Group


Hi @SaphirAngel,

Thank you for the detail, that makes sense. You’ll still need to manage the visibility on your end, since HubSpot doesn’t surface user permission information via the public API. You can pull owner information and base the visibility on contact ownership, however. Also if you have the inclination, I would encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see.