Contact Timeline Events


We host some of our website hosted outside of HubSpot in which we have some custom tracking. Of course having two databases is not efficient so we are looking into how to get the information from the non-HS database into HS.

After some research it looks like we would want to create timeline events in HS? My first question is would you agree or is there a better way?

If so, I believe the best option is to create a HS workflow that will trigger on contact creation. The step will allow for some type of web hook that will pass identification parameters to an ASP.NET page which will take the identification parameters and query the data needing to be passed and then utilize the HS API to create a HS timeline event .

When I look at the API documentation for the Timeline Events I become a little overwhelmed. I read in some spot that for the Timeline Events you can use the HAPI key and in others that you have to use OAuth 2. Can you clarify that for me?

Also where is there a good demo/tutorial for someone using ASP.NET?


@whitfty1 what data are you trying to move into HubSpot? It is tough to answer if there is a better way or not until I can fully understand the type of data you need to move into HubSpot.