Contact Updated webhook - for any property



I’m working on integrating hubspot with our in house CRM solution. I have got the webhooks working just fine for contact creation and contact deletion.

Now, there are generic created and deleted events on the contact. For updates, however, there seems to only be property specific changed events.

Now, I was hoping to get around this limitation by subscribing to lastmodifieddate updated field - but I cannot create a webhook for that property with this error: “You can’t subscribe to the lastmodifieddate property change.”

I bit the bullet and created the webhook subscriptions for all of the properties that I need.

Now, worse yet, creating a contact seems to also fire a property updated webhook for each of the property on contact creation.

This seems like an extremely poor behaviour on behalf of hubspot.

Now I’m faced with having to come up with ugly workaround to try and filter any noise webhooks.

Has anyone found a mode elegant solution for this issue?

Also, webhook timeout of around 1 second without being able to modify it is redicolous.


Hey, I'm having the same issue. I definitely do not want to resort to having to create an update for each property (that would be insanely hard to manage). Did you figure out another solution?


Hi @eric,

It's not currently possible to create a subscription for all properties. In most cases, an 'any update' functionality is overkill, since notifications have to be sent for every update, no matter how frequent or small. The majority of use cases are better served by subscribing to a subset of important properties; for use cases that require a sync for any/all updates, you're generally better off polling the 'Get recently modified contacts' endpoint (see below). Also, if you need to subscribe to updates for a prohibitively large number of properties, you could create the subscriptions dynamically using your developer hapikey: