Contacts and forms



I'm new to your API. We have multiple forms where people can provide their contact information. If one contact puts their information in multiple forms, my understanding is that it will not create a new contact for each form the information is specify but the contact information will be updated with the last form that was used to capture the data.
My question is, is there a way to pull all the contacts that were updated yesterday and all the forms where the information was entered into? So if I go to just one form, I would expect 1 contact with 1 form, if I enter the information in three forms, then I would expect 1 contact and 3 forms.


Hi @FPOliveira, you're right in your assumption that if one contact fills out several forms, the contact will only be created once. We deduplicate contacts based off of email address and cookie tracking.

If you want to see recently modified contacts with their form submission history, you can use this endpoint to pull that data. You can use the &formSubmissionMode=x parameter that is outlined toward the bottom of the article in order to pull recently completed forms.