Contacts API combined with Webhooks


If I use the Contacts API to create a contact with my application, and I also have a webhook subscription contact creation webhooks to the same application, will the Contact created via the API trigger a subsequent webhook notification?

Also, I have noticed that if I create a contact, webhooks get triggered for contact creation AND all the properties that were initially added trigger "updated property" webhook. So for example, if I create a contact with an email, first name, last name and phone number, I get a webhook for contact creation, and contact updated webhook for each of the fields, email, first name, etc.

I am assuming this is normal behavior for the system, but is somewhat annoying, because I'd prefer to only get property updates IF the contact wasn't created in the same batch. What is the idea behind this behavior?


Hi @tjsturos, I can definitely feel your pain here with all those webhook notifications. I think the line of thinking here is that we don't want to leave anything up to chance. We'd have a lot more inquiries and issues if some contacts weren't getting sent only to find out that it was expected because of a rule we had on when we send contacts through webhooks. With this method there's leaving nothing to chance.

This behavior is expected, but if you know you're doing a batch import of contacts, you might be able to momentarily disable the webhook notifications while you complete this, and then turn it back on.