Contacts API/free a/c


Hello - newbie here. I am currently evaluating Hubspot for our needs and am connecting my contacts to a Wordpress website via the Contacts API. Using the code, here - , I'm able to create a new contact in Hubspot via Wordpress but only the first name, last name and email fields get populated via the API. I've tried everything to get other fields to populate. I assume this is because of limitations on the free account?



Hi @lcn, to my knowledge, a free account should still have access to the API and should be able to update any contact property. Can you reply with the following:

  1. Your HubID and a link to a contact you've tried to update.
  2. An example call to our API including the full URL and method, as well as the payload (body) you're sending to HubSpot?
  3. Any response you're getting from our servers