Contacts being reset?


We’re observing behaviour with our contacts that’s puzzling us: it looks like they can be effectively reset (or recreated) in some situations. Here’s an example:

A user visited our site,, and registered as a user on 9/15/17; we can see all of his form submissions from this visit on HubSpot and we’re assuming that a Contact was created for him as it is for our other users.

However, when we view his Contact history, it says that it was created at 8:00pm on 9/16/17. We see his activity (form submissions, page views, etc) from that point on but all of his previous activity isn’t shown.

I’ve dug into our logs and discovered that, when he registered, he was using Safari on an iPad but, when he logged onto the site the following day, he was using Chrome on Windows 7. We’re assuming that this means he was assigned a different HubSpot tracking cookie but, once he logged on to our site, all form submissions included his email address which didn’t change.

I can’t share the user’s email address/name here because we’re a HIPAA-compliant service. I can share it over email if a HubSpot support engineer needs it.

We see consistently similar behaviour with users who registered with a different browser from that they subsequently used to access the site.

Is what we’re seeing the expected behaviour? If so, is there any way for us to prevent our contacts from resetting in this way?



Hi @IanMarriott,

While it’s hard to say without more info, it sounds like a deduplication issue. Support will be your best resource for troubleshooting this issue; I would recommend giving them a call (1 888-482-7768 x3) or filing a new ticket by clicking the help widget in your portal.