Contacts Cookie Tracking and Integration


Hello all! Extremely sorry as this may have been answered before, but we are total newbies to HubSpot and marketing automation. We currently are using Microsoft Dynamics as our CRM for deals, contacts, etc. but are looking at either Marketo or HubSpot for our marketing automation and more importantly, tracking who exactly comes on our website and what their actions are.

We currently are on the sales starter and marketing starter packs, but are unsure if HubSpot can even allow this. Here is what we want to do.

Let’s say we have an email and contact in our Dynamics CRM named Dave Johnson from Wells Fargo with his email. Wells Fargo is a potential target and we have met with him before. Over the past 2 months, 2 people have viewed our site multiple times from Wells Fargo. While we have an idea that it COULD be Dave, we have no idea. I have been told that there is a way to send Dave an email, and when he clicks a link in the email OR fills out a form on the site, all of his activity for the last 2 months would be attributed to him. So this would allow our sales team to see when Dave has gone on the site, what he has clicked, etc. this is very valuable to us.

The question is, how do we do it? And at what level of HubSpot do we need to be at for it to work? And do we need an API connection in addition to the email extension? So many questions!


Welcome, @Ttrahan!

I'm happy to help. Just so you know, though, general questions like these are actually better directed to HubSpot support! With your Starter subscriptions, you can submit queries via email at any time and, when available, over live chat. Support usually responds more quickly and is more hands-on with solutions than we are here in the Developers Forum. I want to make sure you're getting the best assistance possible!

That said, your Marketing Hub Starter subscription certainly enables that use case! You won't even need to use any APIs.

If you already have Dave's email in your HubSpot account, you can send an identity-tracked marketing email (from Marketing > Email; learn more here). If Dave clicks a link in this email and reaches your site with the HubSpot tracking code installed, the system will associate his previous browsing activity to his contact record through a cookie. This is not possible if you were to just send a sales email from the contact record or via Gmail, however. See this article for a detailed explanation.

Because HubSpot uses cookies to track browsing activity, there are some limitations to what HubSpot can pick up.

For example, since cookies are isolated to one browser, if Dave had visited your site on both his laptop's Chrome browser and his iPhone's Safari app, and clicked your marketing email on his phone, HubSpot would only collect the browsing information from Safari. Similarly, if Dave clicked a link in your marketing email on his laptop, HubSpot would not pick up the browsing information on his phone. Finally, HubSpot can't associate historical browsing activity with Dave's record if he cleared his browser's cookies in the past two months.

Please let me know if I can clarify further!


Does Hubspot's cookie get blocked by Safari? Safari recently started blocking third party cookies and I'm seeing some issues tracking users on Safari.


Hey, @Patrick_Dowling.

Your query is out of the scope of this discussion.

Could you post a new topic and include more detail? What "issues" are you seeing? Please be specific about the behavior you are expecting and the behavior you are experiencing, with examples.