Contacts/create_or_update timeout


Hi Guys

We have previously been syncing our CRM database contact to hubspot via API method:

however we have had a few account change email address and so today
(since we have stored the contactid for each record synced to hubspot),
have attempted to use:

however we are encountering an issue where by the record1 updates,
record2 updates and then record 3 hangs, doesnt return anything, and the
call times out. If we re-run the sync the record that timed out goes
through, then the next one goes through and again the 3rd record suffers
from a timeout.

any ideas?
Rob Alexander
HomePro Ltd


Hi @fairtrades

Are you receiving any response at all from HubSpot? If not, how long is you application waiting before failing with a timeout?


Hi David

No response at all on the third call, it’s a bit odd, timeout takes 60 secs I think, our sync process flags off records as it sends them over to your API, so when the process is restarted it then successfully send the record that timed out, then the next one fine and then again hangs on a timeout.



Not sure how heavy the service calls are logged on your end but I have just re run the process so that you have something fresh to look at, same situation, 3rd record goes through, defiantly no response, just timeout after 60 ish secs. Rerun of the sync process definatly then passes through the record that timed out, and the one after then back to timeout. Very strange


PS just timed it, exactly 1.5mins to timeout


Is your system actually connecting to HubSpot, and waiting for a response, or is this timing out waiting for the connection? Our systems will usually return a processing timeout long before 90 seconds, so this may be a network issue. Can you message me directly with any more details you have for the requests (including things like your source IP, and the IP you were trying to connect to)?


Hi David

This isn’t a connection issue; Our program has no problem getting the token from your system and we have been syncing to your system for six months without issue using services


without an issue, these services have been sent thousands of requests and have never timed out.

However when using your /contacts/v1/contact/vid/ service we are having this issue, note that the same wrapper functions are used to call all four services. And I don’t see how this can be a parameter issue as a record that times out, then gets passed across on the next run of the routine without timeout. Like I said very odd, no response and appears to be every third record.

I would keep updating using
but that is leaving orphan records in your system due to email address changes by our clients, this is a priority issue for us.

We are connecting to the url rather than your ip, our ip is



Note I have altered our routine to only update by VID when the email address has changed so I can downgrade this issue from urgent to vague concern.


@fairtrades I’ll be reaching out to you directly for this, as I’ll need some more information to track this down on our side.