Contacts / Deals / Companies custom properties



We make a tool that models the HubSpot data as a relational database. Part of how this tool works is it reports custom fields dynamically for Contacts, Deals and Companies as columns on the tables.

We’ve had a recurring issue with the Contacts, Deals, and Companies since we started doing this. When customers have a lot of custom properties, we cannot request them all when making a request to a Get all X endpoint. For instance, Get all Contacts:

To request custom properties, they have to be done individually in the format property=x&property=y&property=z, etc. This causes very large urls to the point HubSpot cannot handle processing it. We’ve tried a number of solutions from our end, but it is always an awkward fit.

Would it be possible to just expose some other parameter on these endpoints that will request all custom properties? It will make things a lot easier to deal with when customers do not have direct control over which columns are requested.


@Casey_Thompson The Get All endpoints were not built to return every property. Part of this was intentional to prevent payloads being to large and timeouts occurring. The best way to handle this for HubSpot’s perspective is to use the Get a contact by ID endpoint and loop through the results of get All Contacts. I know this will add a ton of extra API calls to your services but our Get All endpoints were just not designed to return every single piece of information about every contact.


Thanks for getting back to me. At least we know that behavior is by design now. We’ll do what we can on our end then.

I don’t suppose there would be a way to make the get all endpoints return only the id and not all those extra properties like identity-profiles, properties, profile-url, etc? Having a way to retrieve only the ids would at least using a request to first get the ids and then looking up each contact/deal/company by id more efficient.


@Casey_Thompson There isn’t a way to modify the response data shape. I think one day APIs will be flexible in that nature when the industry moves closer to something of a Graph QL approach to them.