Contacts from API does not include Timeline or Lead Source




We’re using the API to push contact info (first name, last name, email, etc) to both Hubspot and to our company’s server at the same time.

Unfortunately, the new contact in Hubspot does not show timeline information or the true lead source (search engine, direct, etc) – it only shows as added “offline” via the API.

Is there a way to use the API new contact method to push accurate timeline data (from the tracking cookie) and the original lead source too?

Thank you!


Hi @abelx1cuna

The analytics properties (including lead source) get calculated automatically based on the analytics data we have the record, which gets associated with the contact based on the hubspotutk tracking cookie from our tracking code. There isn’t a way to associate the cookie with the contact using the Contacts API, so you’d need to use the Forms API to make that association:


Thanks so much! I think this points us in the right direction. I’ll pass this along to the rest of my team!