Contacts not reliably created through Tracking Code API


Hi, I have the hubspot tracking code installed on my site, and I’m trying to use the tracking code API to create and update contacts. First, I call ‘identify’ with some custom properties and an ‘email’ property, then call ‘trackEvent’ to make sure that identifying info is synced over to Hubspot. Some new contacts are appearing, but none of the tests accounts I create show up. Any idea what’s preventing some contacts from being created?

Some things I’ve tested already:

  • turning off adblock
  • trying in incognito and on different devices
  • using different email domains

I can provide specific emails that aren’t showing up if that’s helpful!


Hi @zackm

When you’re testing this, are you seeing anything show up in the activity log for the event? You can see that log when viewing the event in HubSpot using the View activity log in the left sidebar.

If you’re filtering any IP addresses in your Reports settings, and you’re testing from one of those filtered IPs, then your tests would also be filtered out (since events get processed through same system that process other traffic logged by the tracking code).


Aha. It was IP filtering that was causing the issue. Thanks!