Contacts not tied to my event via the http API




I’m trying to create a new event using the http API, and tie a specific user to this event. However, the event never ties a user to the event.

When I use the following url, I’m able to create the new event. So far so good:“MY EVENT ID”&_a=“MY ID”&hapikey=“MY KEY”

According to the documentation, I should merely be able to add contact information, e.g email, as a paramenter to the URL. The documentation states:

_“If you want to tie the event that you’re triggering to a contact in HubSpot, use this parameter. If the contact doesn’t yet exist in HubSpot, it will be created. If the contact does exist, the event will be attributed to the existing contact.”

Accordingly, I should be able to add e.g. email, firstname, lastname ect as parameters to the url. This however does not work. The string below merely adds a new test user to my contacts, but does not tie him to my event.:“MY EVENT ID”&_a=“MY ID”&hapikey="MY KEY"&

Any idea of what might be causing this?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @Marc_Schonwandt

Are you seeing the event completion show up in the event itself? Or in the activity log for the event? Are you using a numerical ID for the _n parameter, or a custom name/string?