Contacts original source not correct


We are using Forms API to send new registered contact details to hubspot. we use hutk, and all working perfect.
we get original sources like: “Direct Traffic”, “Social Media”, “Organic Search” etc.

but, when we enable users to register with facebook ( ) or linkedin we get always “Offline Sources”. but we want it to be the same like normal registration, so if user come to our registration page after search in google - for example - no matter if he signup directly or with facebook authentication - we’ll get “Organic Search”

what can we do?


Hi @Ariel_Horowitz

This should be possible, but it’s going to depend on how you process the information you’d get from Facebook and how that data gets sent to HubSpot. The original source properties are set automatically by the analytics data we have for the record, which gets associated to the contact through the cookie value passed in the hutk parameter, so if there’s a problem with the source it’s likely a problem with that cookie being missing in the form data. Aside from the visitor experience going through Facebook, are there any major differences in how the data gets processed and sent to HubSpot for the Facebook registration?


OK, I saw that when I’m working on new browser with all cookies fresh, it’s working as expected. thanks!