Contacts sync with local database with form submission




We sync our database with Hubspot via webhook calls depending on specific actions. But for some reason some contact not been synchronized (may be the web hook call failed).

What would be the best way to sync those contacts? Also we need to avoid the form submissions which were already saved on our database.


Hi @sougata_bose,

Are you using the Webhooks API, or the webhook workflow action? If it's the latter, there are probably some contacts that aren't being properly enrolled in the workflow. Can you give me more info on the failures? Also can you link to the portal in question?


Hi Derek,

We are using workflow action to trigger the webhook. Some of the users been enrolled but not processed.

We send an internal email when the user not found.


Hi Derek,

I would appreciate if you can look into this ASAP.




Hi @sougata_bose and @pratik.thakkar,

I jumped into your portal, but I'm not entirely sure which workflow is the one we're discussing. Is it the following:

I'm not seeing any webhook errors immediately visible here; can you give me an example contact that went through this workflow and didn't successfully trigger the webhook?


Well, there are lots of workflows which trigger a webhook. this is surely one of them. Another one would be

Side question: Are Webhooks the best solution for keeping databases in sync?


Hi @pratik.thakkar,

I'm sorry, I wasn't totally clear. Both of those workflows use webhook actions, but I wasn't able to see any webhook-related errors in either workflow. This generally means that the issue isn't with the webhook, but instead with the workflow (e.g. enrollment criteria, suppression lists, etc.).

In order to really troubleshoot the issue, I need to examine a specific contact record that did not pass through the workflow as expected. That will give me more information on what might be going wrong.

Side answer: Workflow webhook actions are useful, but a more scalable solution would probably be to use the Webhooks API (see below). The Webhooks API allows you to subscribe to different events like object creation, deletion, and property changes.


Hi Derek,

By using the app would I be able to fetch the form submission data?


Hi Derek,

Also need to know if we can trigger the webhook for multiple contact property changes? If yes, how can I implement that?


Hi Derek,

As I see we can use the raw input so that we dont have to make any api call to gather any data, we can use it to do the sync. But I am not sure if the raw data will be available all the time and it will not changes any structure? Also the raw data will available for once only. Can you please ensure it will a good idea to use the raw input?

Also we are considering to use our custom form and submit the data via API so that we have full control over the data and form. Would you suggest to use custom form and API call for form submissions?


Hi @sougata_bose,

If you're interested in the form submission info as a distinct unit, and/or you want the info that the contact entered in the form right when they submit it, then using a custom form & the Forms API is absolutely the best way forward from here.

If you're instead interesting in the data that ends up in a particular set of contact properties (instead of the actual form submission itself) then you might instead consider using the Webhooks API to subscribe to updates to those properties.


Thanks Derek.

Finally we have decided to use the custom form and API for this, which should solve all the problems.