Conversion page not showing up after API Post



Hello all,
I am trying to post a simple email address to a hubspot form. Everything goes fine except for the Conversion page, that shows ‘Unavailable’. I am sending the data from a custom page, so it isn’t a landing page but that shouldn’t be the problem based on other forum posts. The request returns a 204, so the form submission is correct but the Conversion page is ‘Unavailable’. Anyone has an idea how to fix this?


Hi @Infiltrator,

Can you share what you’re posting in the hs_context parameter of the form submission?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
Beneath the content of hs_context:
$hs_context = array(
‘hutk’ => $hubspotutk, //which is $_COOKIE[‘hubspotutk’];
‘ipAddress’ => $ip_addr, //$_SERVER[‘remote_addr’]
‘pageUrl’ => ‘’,
‘pageName’ => ‘Signup Newsletter’);


Hi @Infiltrator,

That appears to be correct; can you send me a link to the form in HubSpot so that I can look at the raw submission data?


Hi Derek,

Sure, here you go Link to form


Hi @Infiltrator,

I’m not seeing any pageUrl parameters (or any parameters, for that matter) in the metadata of that form’s submissions. Is the hs_context parameter being properly encoded and included in the final form submission?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
Yeah and that’s the problem. I don’t know why it’s not showing up. Beneath you find the json encoded version of hs_context:
204 {“hutk”:“35601a93da6c552acaa9f1cddfede1cd”,“ipAddress”:“”,“pageUrl”:“",“pageName”:"Subscribe from test site”}

After I encoded the hs_context to a json string, I include it in the form data to submit:
$str_post = “email=” . urlencode($_POST[‘email’]) . ‘&hs_context’ . urlencode($hs_context_json);

Then I send this string to the hubspot form, but the conversion page is not available.


Nevermind, I found it. I forgot the ‘=’ when I include the hs_context in the final string. Now I had to copy it to this forum I see it :confused:. Don’t know why I didn’t found this earlier. Thanks for your help anyway