Converted Hubspot forms still submitting as non-hubspot forms?


I'm trying to integrate a Hubspot form onto our WP site. I've converted a non-Hubspot form into a Hubspot form, copied the code and placed that into the website, replacing the existing form code. Whenever we test the form submissions on the website, the enquiry still comes through the old non-Hubspot form?

I've tried so many time to create new forms and convert old forms, but the same thing keeps happening. I don't want to delete the old non-hubspot form as I can't lose the information/contacts that submitted on that form.

Anyone else come across this issue?

Thanks in advance


Welcome, @jasminchia!

I haven't come across this issue before, but I'm happy to help.

To troubleshoot effectively, I'll need a bit more information. Would you share:

  1. Your Hub ID.
  2. A link to the WordPress page with the embedded HubSpot form.
  3. A link to the newly-embedded form in your account.
  4. A link to the old non-HubSpot form in your account.