Cookie Tracking for contact created using API




I am trying to connect an external application to HubSpot using API.
A form is a registration form which will send a verification code to the user.
I need to pass this user information to HubSpot and also send them personalized chat messages/email based on their activities inside the application.
Could you please help me with the required API's that I can make this work?
Thank you in advance


Following the above thread, I have created a forms api to collect the data to HubSpot. I received a response 204.However, the data is not stored in HubSpot. Could you please help with a solution.


Hi @Mahesh_Ranganathan,

Your instincts are correct; the Forms API is the right one to use if you need to track web analytics info. Can you give me an example of the raw request you're sending to HubSpot that isn't working? Your Hub ID would also be helpful.