Copy/Clone Advanced Menu



I am a newbie developer client of Hubspot. Hubspot has migrated our templates over, we are looking to change up our main navigation, besides creating a whole new Advanced Menu, is there was way to clone/copy a Advanced Menu in COS?


@cabplanalp The menu itself should be a global module which would be spread across your site already. Where are you trying to copy and paste it too?


@pmanca, thanks for replying, so basically I have a Advanced menu with multiple levels, and I want to clone that whole Advanced menu, so I can change the links (add/delete), so then I can keep the current one, and just swap out the menu in the template with this new Advanced menu. I want to change the current menu but there are so many levels I do not want to have to recreate it.


@cabplanalp you should be able to clone the module and save it as a new version. From there you can swap out the old with the new and update it as you please.


@pmanca, so if I clone a module and save it as a new version, that would create a completely new Advanced menu? Which would save to the Advanced Menu area of COS?


Then you can swap out modules as you please for each template.


@pmanca, so maybe I missing something cause i am new to hubspot, so I have Global Group, that is made up many many grouped modules, there is a module in the top called “Advanced Menu” which targets a specific Advanced menu. When I cloned the whole Global Group, it did not create a whole new Advanced Menu. Also when I click on the gear next to that “Advanced Menu” there is option to clone it, also there is no options on Advanced Menu pages to clone. Is there are instructions on how to clone a whole Advanced menu.


@cabplanalp My apologies it appears that advanced menus are a special module. You can edit/add a new one under Content->Content Settings->Advanced Menus. Here is a Knowledge Base article that might be of interest to you which will contain how to assign a menu to a global module with an advanced menu in it.

Also for some learning material I would check out our academy and get COS certified.

I did an example below in my test portal to show you making a new advanced menu.

Also going forward if there is any product questions similar to this you might be better off calling your CSM or the support team as they might be faster in responding. This forum for COS/Content is more geared towards more of the power users who would be writing custom code on the COS such as HubL.

Let me know if you have any questions on this.


@pmanca, yeah I know how to create new Advanced menus but currently would have to create them completely from scratch so that I why I was asking how can I copy/clone a Advanced Menu already created. I already have my COS training certification but it pretty general and doing certain tasks are just not covered, if you have any insights on how to literally clone/copy a Advanced Menu (not in a template area but in the Content–>Content Settings–>Advanced Menus) that would be much appreciated.


@cabplanalp I’m sorry for this really long-round about answer then. There isn’t a way to copy/clone an Advanced Menu at this time.


@pmanca, ok so a follow up question I have is, after making a Advanced menu in the Content–>Content Settings, lets say I want to edit the name that I originally indicated, how would I do that? I am not talking about the modules Advanced menus, the actual list in Content–>Content Settings–>Advanced Menus


@cabplanalp Once the menu is made you cannot edit the name of it. You will need to make a new one.