Copy production account to test account


I would like to know if it is possible to copy the configuration of one account to another.
In particular:

  • pipelines
  • custom deal properties
  • custom contact properties
  • values added to builtin properties (like deal type)

Or in alternative i can configure each of these aspects through the API, but I cannot update the builtin properties with an API call.

The first scenario it will be better because some people configured an environment manually, with the second scenario I must do some “reverse engineering” to reproduce the final state.

Someone can help me?



Bump. Someone can help me?


@Grogdunn The only way to copy data from one portal to another is via the APIs. To answer your question yes it is possible, however there is not pre-built way to do it and you will need to write a server-side script to figure it out. Sorry we didn’t get to this when you originally posted it.


@pmanca thanks a lot for the answers. Ok I can write my own a “cloner” :wink:

There is some way to update the builtin properties with API? Last time I’ve tried the system returned an error, something like “You cannot update a default contact property”, but through GUI I’m able to add and delete the options of a property.


@Grogdunn we try and lock down our default properties to help with keeping some consistency. You can always make a custom property if you need to.