Correct certificate


Where can I export the correct certificate for a HTTP request form oracle PL/SQL. The one I'm trying to load is from but it fails to load into my Oracle wallet. Please indicate where I can export the valid certificate


Hi @aemmi, not too familiar with an Oracle-HubSpot connection. Full disclosure that this may not be the best place to reach out but I'll help in any way I can. What is your end goal? Are you trying to pass data from Oracle to HubSpot or vice versa? What information are you looking to pass?


Yes I am trying to pass data trough the API's from Oracle to Hubspot. For me to be able to pass it using HTTPS I need a valid certificate to import into the Oracle Wallet.


Hi @aemmi, have you tried going through the steps described here? You could visit a URL for one of our endpoints for example, here, then Inspect the page, go to Security, and then view the certificate, and paste it into Oracle.


Connor ,

Thank You I was looking for the certificate that needs to be used to send the API transaction