COS URL Mappings required scope


We are getting an error back when we try to retrieve data from the COS URL Mappings API:

The error states “this oauth-token () does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [content-settings-access]).” However, the listed scopes for OAuth do not have content-settings-access as an available scope, and attempting to request this scope results in an invalid scope error during OAuth. What scope is required for the COS URL Mappings API?


Hi @Casey_Thompson,

That error message is listing a particular permission; the public OAuth scopes are technically groups of smaller scopes. You’ll need to request the content scope in order to access the url mappings API.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

We do request the content scope. The full authorization url is as follows:

Despite this, we still get that error about the content-settings-access scope. This is while testing against the account (62515 portal).


Hi @Casey_Thompson,

I see. After doing some digging, this appears to be an issue on our end. I’ll touch base with the team and get back to you here when I have some more information.