COS Url Mappings Route Prefix Error


Currently I am switching out a listing page for a dynamic version for SEO purposes and as a result I am needing to edit quite a few redirects before the page goes live. The issue I’m running into is that every time I attempt to paste in my csv to the bulk redirects and update, with override conflicts checked, it pops up an error that reads “Rout prefix can’t be Null or Empty”. I’ve double checked that there are no empty fields in the sheet and I’m not sure what could be causing the error. Any thoughts on what might be the culprit? Thanks!


Hi @Deven_Davies,

If the file was originally a .xlsx file, and later saved as a .csv, it’s possible that there are some blank rows at the end that have some formatting and are being considered as valid rows. I’d recommend opening up a new .csv file and copying/pasting the URL mapping from the old file there. If you continue to have issues uploading bulk URL mappings, I’d recommend reaching out to Support (Help widget in your portal, or 1 888-482-7768 x3).