Couldn't find target container #hbspt-form-XXXX-XXXX




I have embed the basic code from Hubspot forms onto my website. I can see the form on the page and it submits data, but I'm getting this error in my console:

Couldn't find target container #hbspt-form-XXXX

It seem to load a new instance each time and change the form id.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Welcome, @Jared!

When I've seen this error before, it's been because the user had a Marketing Hub Starter subscription. As Connor outlines in the post below:

Marketing Hub Starter forms are rendered within an iframe by shell.js and thus can't be modified with on-page CSS.

Is this what you're encountering? If not, please share your Hub ID, a link to the form in your account, and a link to a page where you've embedded the form.